Message from the Governor

Operationally, 2021 was characterised by solid lending activity in targeted sectors, thereby playing an important role in strengthening social cohesion in our member countries.

65 years of social investment

In the 65 years of its existence, the CEB has helped its member countries to transition to more socially and environmentally sustainable societies and economies, adapting to various social priorities and challenges across Europe.

2021 in figures
Projects approved

€ 4.2 bn

of which

 657 million


Funds raised

€ 5.5 bn

Loans disbursed

€ 4.0 bn
Loans outstanding

€ 18.9 bn

Project financing

Due to the interconnected nature of social challenges facing European societies, the CEB’s investments have become increasingly comprehensive and cross-sectoral, and they illustrate how social infrastructure investments can simultaneously address social, environmental and economic objectives.


To ensure the necessary funding to finance its activities, the Bank continues to combine benchmark transactions in major currencies targeting a broad range of institutional investors with debt issues in a given currency or with a more specific structure designed to meet specific investor demands.

Partnerships and Donors

In the course of its 65-year history, the CEB has forged partnerships with various international organisations and donors to ensure meaningful and impactful delivery on its social mandate. The CEB uses funds raised from donors to improve the financial and technical sustainability of projects targeting highly vulnerable persons or located in disadvantaged areas.


As a public institution and a development bank, the CEB places great emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Putting its raison d’être into practice, the CEB builds sustainability at large across all its activities.